Roleadro Indoor Plant Grow Light, 75W Led Red Blue Lights


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Roleadro Plant Grow Light, 75W Led Growing Light with Red Blue Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Vegetables Flower Growth Lamps

Brand: Roleadro

Color: Grow Light


  • ♥Unique Design: Compared with other grow lights for indoor plants, the back board of our maxbloom plant light is made of aluminum alloy with quick heat dissipation, which can protect LED chips from being burned by overheating; the 60°concentrated cup greatly reduce luminous decay, make sure all light in use, no waste and save your money.
  • ♥Our led panel grow light is equipped with 117 red LED chips(630nm wavelength) + 52 blue LED chips (470nm wavelength), and the red:blue is 2.25:1, which is very useful for all plant growth, the and blue lights can provide most light nutrition for plants and improve plant growth speed.(This plant grow light did not come with timer)
  • ♥The smart led plant lamp has no fans, no noise, extremely quiet, so you can even use it in your living room, and you can observe the plants growing everyday if you are careful enough, enjoy the happiness of cultivating plants by yourselves, besides, you can provide more healthy and Original ecological food for your family.
  • ♥Product Specifications: The Led grow lamp is 276*276*14mm, weight 0.95Kg, very thin and light, the covering area is 1- 2 m², Our recommended installation height is 0.3-1m, and the suggest working time is Seedling stage: 14-18 hours; Vegetative stage: 14-18 hours; Flowering stage: 10-12 hours.
  • ♥Multifunctional: Roleadro 75W blue & red led grow light is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants in germination, vegetable, and flowering stages, widely used for plants such as orchid, potatoes, lettuce, chili, tomatoes, garden, vertical farm, tent breeding or grow room. 2 years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.

Package Dimensions: 51x343x1020

Details: Advantage:

60 ° concentrated Cup, silver surface with oil spray with more high reflecting effect.

Branded epileds chips,high brightness,high par value,low Luminance decrease,long lifespan.

Red and Blue light is the most important light source for the plant. We adopt the best ration of Red and Blue on this lamp,help plants grow faster,Very useful for growing seeds, flower and fruit plants.

It can replace 3 to 5 times power of high-pressure sodium and metal halogen lamps ,save 80% energy.High luminous efficiency, 90% of the emitting light can be absorbed by plants. But the traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halogen lamps only have 8-10% light effect.

About us
We are a professional manufacturer with 8 years experiences of researching and designing in career of led grow light . Being established in 2007, our main products are LED grow light, LED aquarium light. All products are based on high-standard Production Process.

Dimensions: 276*276*14mm
Weight: 0.95KG
Volume LEDs: 169LEDs (117 red LEDs, 52 blue LEDs)
Lifetime : 50.000 hours
Input voltage: AC100-240V
Actual Power consumption: 25W
Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz
Working temperature: 50-55° C
Warranty: 1 years
Par Value(ppf):138 / 30cm
Waterproof: No waterproof
Covering area: 1- 2 m²
Recommend height: 0.3m-1m

Suggest working time:
Seedling stage: 14-18 hours;
Vegetative Stage: 14-18 hours
Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours

1x led plant light ; 1x power cord ; 1x hanger hook

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