Night Light for Kids, Tecboss Rechargeable Egg Shell Night Light


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Night Light for Kids, Tecboss Rechargeable Egg Shell Night Light Nursery Baby Kids Night Light Safe ABS+Silicone, Adjustable Brightness, Touch Control, 300H Runtime


Color: Warm White


  • Easy touch-control – Nursery night light, designed for children to learn and play – touch the top to adjust the brightness brighter or dimmer.
  • Eco-friendly Silicone – Made up with toy-grade material, ABS base and user friendly silicone make it an innovative chick tumbler mood lamp.
  • Chick & tumbler design – Chick tumbler stylish can create a dreamlike atmosphere for your room. Suitable for bedroom, nursery, baby room, decorative lamp and other romantic places.
  • Warm atmosphere – Perfect for action at night and it gives out appropriate soft light without waking up your babies and husbands when it comes to breast feeding or diaper changing. Cozy night light to soothe your kids to sleep as well.
  • Best battery performance – Built-in a 1200 mAh integrated rechargeable battery, 4.5 hrs for full recharge, runtime(the brightest light: 5-8 hours, the lowest light: about 300 hours)

Package Dimensions: 105x145x293

Details: Is your little baby afraid of the dark? Even if your child doesn’t need a light at night, you might.

When you have to attend to your kid in the middle of the night, turning on the overhead light wakes everyone up more than necessary. A baby toddler night light can be used for changing diapers, feeding and comforting baby when it’s dark outside.  The best touch night light should provide enough light to help you get around the room without waking your child. Additional features that help soothe your child to sleep make some night lights more versatile.

SO, TECBOSS LED Night Light is your best choice!!!

1. Night light battery operated of rechargeable battery.
2. Night light for children can be placed anywhere in the child’s room. If your child needs extra comfort at night, this light may help. It comes in a variety of soft animal shapes. It includes a story book and adoption certificate, helping your child to create a personal connection with it. It’s not just a light; it’s a stuffed animal with which your child can bond.
3. We also like that the battery-operated light is portable, which means you can take it with you any time you travel with your little one.

UPC: 724190517536