Night Light for Kids, Cute Bear Night Light


Product Specifications

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  • Strong magnetic fixation: This little bear night light has a strong magnet on the back that can be glued to all metal surfaces. In addition, it is equipped with iron sheet and 3M double-sided adhesive. The iron sheet is first adsorbed on the magnet, then the double-sided adhesive is attached to the adsorbed iron sheet and the other side is attached at the desired location.
  • Lighting Modes :Baby-safe night light, light won’t flicker or hurt the eyes of your child,customizable light,Solid-color mode lets you to choose your favorite colors, color-changing mode automatically cycles through the available colors and soft-white mode allows you to opt for a more traditional night light
  • Safety material : Made with children’s safety as the top priority, The night light is not easy to be damaged or torn, it is safe and does not heat up.You can also set a 5-30 minute timer at the remote control of the night light.
  • Light sensing function:The cute bear night light can set the time according to your needs, the remote control can dim and change colors and 3 gradient mode according to preference. , thereby reducing energy consumption and saving your money
  • Nice design and use in multiple scenes: The cute and funny look of a little bear is very popular with children. Also for eye protection table lamp, bed lamp, bedside lamp, portable outdoor lamp, touch control mobile wall lamp – a perfect gift for children, family and friends.

Package Dimensions: 82x114x180