Klighten 2 pcs 7W LED Exterior Light, IP65 Outdoor Adjustable Wall Lamp, Black


Product Specifications

Product Technical and Manufactuer info

Klighten 2 pcs 7W LED Exterior Light, IP65 Outdoor Wall Lamp, Up and Down Wall Light,Warm White,Adjustable Light Beam, Black

Brand: Klighten

Color: Black


  • Discreet design
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Includes: LED light bulb in warm white.
  • A breath-taking effect on walls.
  • Up/down light

Package Dimensions: 113x221x1300

Details: Brightness in lumen: 700 lm

Consumption in watts: 6 watts

Comparison value: 6 W is equivalent to approx. 2 X 20 W (light bulb)

Life expectancy in hours: 30,000 hours

Switching cycles: 100,000

Colour temperature in Kelvin: 3.200 K / warm white

Dimmable: no

Length: 10 cm, width: 10 cm

Material: metal / aluminium

Colour: black / white

Voltage: 230 V

Description: You need an outdoor or indoor light, the breath-taking effect bestows. The uncertainty is over. With this timelessly elegant wall lamp you can create your displays up & down effects. With built in 2 x 3 Watt LED Light Bulb in warm white Light colour you can also find the electricity costs at the handle.

The simple design shape is retained the light timeless and can be used in almost any environment. Whether as an inner or outdoor light, this lamp will make a great impression anywhere. As an option, you can also order a set of seven light filters, this place however you like. Whether a fine jet or a wide beam of light using an fascinating Jet Effect – everything is possible.