JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring, 10 Brightness Levels with 5 Lighting Modes


The LED lighting market has improved dramatically in recent years. This JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp is a perfect example of this new technology. It is difficult to know where to start with this product, which looks very simple from the outside while containing the latest in LED technology.

The first thing that hits you is the stylish look of this LED desk lamp. Whether working in the office, in the bedroom, in the kitchen or any other room in the house it is just perfect. In this review we will cover the array of different lighting modes and brightness levels. You will be astounded!

A desk lamp with cutting-edge LED technology

In years gone by there has been little variation with regard to desk lamp brightness. This has all changed with the introduction of LED lighting which is energy-efficient, offers variable brightness control and is very easy on eyes. The fact that it creates just 10% of the heat associated with normal incandescent light bulbs is another major factor.

If we then move on to the energy savings, these can be up to 80% with a lightbulb able to last tens of thousands of hours. The design of the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp may not necessarily look cutting-edge but it is. The ability to twist and turn the head and the base of this LED desk lamp will surprise many people. So, whether you need a relatively close light or one from a distance, and whatever angle, the option is yours.

Feedback from customers has been extremely positive

While we can wax lyrical about the quality and value for money of the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp, the best test is that of the consumer market. Those who have used a JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp will not be surprised at the five-star feedback. On the outside the design is modern but inside it has the latest in cutting-edge LED lighting technology.

Brightness 10/10

It is not surprising to see that the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp has received a five star rating for brightness. Would you believe this LED desk lamp has five lighting modes and 10 brightness levels? This equates to 50 brightness choices covering a whole range of different scenarios whether reading, working, studying or just relaxing.

Those who have an interest in LED lighting will be well aware of the array of benefits. One of them is the ability to control the brightness and lighting modes. As more and more people now look to work from home, LED desk lights are certainly becoming more popular. With the huge range of brightness choices, it is no surprise.

Easy-to-use 10/10

While the 50 brightness choices are obviously very useful, how easy is the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp to use? The desk lamp comes with full instructions, a touch sensitive control and memory function. Simply slide your finger and the desk lamp will switch between the various lighting modes and brightness levels. So, what is the memory function?

There is a very useful memory function which ensures that you don’t need to flick through all of the 50 brightness choices each time you use the desktop lamp. The LED light will remember the settings from the previous time you used it, and revert back to them. If you need to change the setting, simply slide your finger over the controls and you can switch between the lighting modes and brightness settings.

What about the ability to tilt and swivel the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp? Well, this is a multi-angle device which is extremely flexible. The base of the lamp can tilt up to 40° the head can tilt up to 180° and also swivel 350°. Now, we don’t know about you but that pretty much covers every angle and tilt you can think of?

The dimensions of this LED desk lamp are fairly compact at 15 cm x 15 cm x 43 cm. Whether you are using it in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or your study, you can move it very easily. Simply unplug it, carry it through and plug back in. It really is as simple as that!

Sturdiness 10/10

As you can see from the images, the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp is made from hardened plastic which gives flexibility and durability. Those who have bought this product on Amazon, and other websites, have returned five star ratings for its sturdiness. When you bear in mind that the LED lights will last for literally tens of thousands of hours, it makes sense to ensure the product is as durable.

As we touched on above, there are so many ways in which you can tilt and turn the base and the head that it must be flexible. However, there is an art in finding a balance between a flexible product and a durable product. This particular desk lamp comes in black, which will hide any marks and scratches that may occur over time. This ensures that it will remain an integral part of your room design.

Value for money 10/10

The fact that the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp has also received a five star rating for value for money just about says everything. As well as using highly efficient energy-saving LED lights, this desktop lamp is eye caring and eye friendly. This is a very important part of the LED lighting market as we move forward. The glare of traditional incandescent bulbs is a thing of the past!

We live in a world where cheap throwaway products are in high supply. Thankfully, the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp takes us back to an age when quality, durability and exceptional value for money were important. As we touched on above, there is no point having an LED light which will last tens of thousands of hours if the product itself has a short life.

Warmth 10/10

The high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) ranking of the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp is more than 85 which provides true colour lighting. This ensures that it is neither too dark nor too bright, helping with your visibility. For some reason many people are prone towards lights with a relatively high CRI. This type of lighting distorts natural colour and can be harmful for your eyesight with prolonged use.

The 50 brightness choices will provide the perfect backdrop for any scenario. This is created by using 64 high-quality lamp heads. You will also notice that the shine is flicker-free; there is no ghosting and there is useful inbuilt anti-blue light. Eco-friendly and easy on your eyes, what more can we say?

There are five levels of colour temperature ranging which include:-

  • 3000 Kelvins
  • 3800 Kelvins
  • 4200 Kelvins
  • 4700 Kelvins
  • 6000 Kelvins

In reality, this range of CRI will cover any scenario for your desk lamp – all safely.

Summary of the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp

The JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp showcases everything good about LED lighting technology, encased in a modern attractive design. Aside from the huge energy and heat savings, these light bulbs last tens of thousands of hours. This desktop lamp is about as flexible as they come, with 50 different brightness settings. The memory function ensures that the lamp will revert to the last setting used, saving you time flicking through the various different options.

The introduction of LED lighting in the home and business arena is still in its relative infancy. However, this ground-breaking technology has been embraced by the LED desk lamp market. The CRI rating is perfectly placed to offer natural light and colouring, while also remaining eye friendly.

It is safe to say that once you use the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp you will be an LED lighting convert. No going back to incandescent bulbs and their halogen counterparts.

Product Specifications

Product Technical and Manufactuer info

JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring, 10 Brightness Levels with 5 Lighting Modes

Desk Lamp, JUKSTG 64 pcs LEDs Eye-Caring Table Lamps, 10 Brightness Levels with 5 Lighting Modes LED Desk Light, Dimmable Office lamp with Touch-Sensitive Control, 12W Reading Lamp,Black


Color: Black


  • ☀5 Lighting Modes & 10 Brightness Levels : 50 brightness choices to meet the needs of various scenarios, ideal for reading, working, studying, drawing, relaxing, etc.
  • ☀ Eye-caring & Eye-friendly: Our LEDs are composed of 64 high-quality lamp beads, shines a flicker-free, non-ghosting and anti-blue light, which is more brighter and eco-friendly. 5 levels of color temperature adjustment with a soft and stable light for clear reading and studying without eye fatigue and dryness.
  • ☀Sensitive Touch Control & Memory Function: Touch sensitive panel allow you to control over power, different brightness and lighting modes to suit your mood with a simple slide of the finger. It always remembers the brightness and mode last used to add convenience for you.
  • ☀ Multi-angle Adjustment: Freedom to adjusted to your preferred angle. The base of this lamp can be tilted 40°, and the head can be tilted up 180° & swivel 350°.
  • ☀Higher Color Rendering Index: More than 85 color rendering index, to provide you with the true colors as much as possible.

Package Dimensions: 160x427x1260

Details: Elegance and Durability:
Stylish, elegant desk lamp adopts high quality aluminium alloy body, strong hardness and wear resistance, which can perfectly match any interior decoration.

Round Design:
The table lamp adopts a special round design with broader irradiation area, provide more uniform and soft light.

Color: White
Power: 12W
Input Voltage: 100-240V, 50HZ
Luminous Flux Density: 820 lumens
Switch Type: Touch type
Main Material: ABS + Aluminium alloy metal
Color Rendering Index:Ra》85
Full Range CCT: 3000K-6000K
Dimmer: 10% , 20% ,30%,40% ,50%, 60% , 70%, 80% , 90%, 100%

Package Includes:
1 x LED Desk Lamp (Model:HD1906)
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Installation Instruction

UPC: 723990027498