Govee Smart LED Strip Lights, RGBWW 2 M App Ctrl


Govee Smart LED Strip Lights, RGBWW 2 Metre App Control via WiFi Light Strip

While the name Govee may be new to many people, very soon you will know of the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights. This product offers so much that it is difficult to know where to start. It looks simple, it is simple to use, but there’s a lot more to this product than meets the eye.

We all know that LED lighting is more energy efficient and creates less heat than their incandescent bulb counterparts. These LED lights will last literally tens of thousands of hours which put incandescent lights into the shade – if you pardon the pun.

The technology that we see before us today is very different to that of 10 years ago or even five years ago. So, let’s take a look at the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights and see exactly what this has to offer.

Feedback from customers about Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

With more than 70 Amazon ratings, the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights has a 4.5 out of five star rating. This is a relatively new product to the market and therefore many people are unclear what this LED strip lighting provides. It is also difficult to comprehend the use of smart products with your lighting. How does that work?

Each strip of LED lighting is 2 m in length with an efficiency rating of A+++ and exceptionally flexible Rgbww colour. As we will come to in a moment, the range of different light colours available and the moods they can create are absolutely huge.

This is not the novelty product that many people think of when they see LED lighting strips. Yes, they can be placed anywhere around the home. In a nursery, in your kitchen, child’s bedroom or up the stairway, it is up to you. However, to call them a novelty is certainly an insult to the technology associated with these LED products of today.


If we told you that the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights had over a million RGB beads would you believe us? So, what if we told you there were 16 million coloured RGB beads? Amazing? Govee Smart LED Strip Lights feature three different kinds of LED, warm white, cool white and the RGB beads. You have amazing flexibility regarding which ones light when, which colours and how they mix.

Whether looking to unwind after work, or focus on work, there are literally 50,000 different shades of cool white LED light combinations. Whatever ambience you are looking for, whatever mood you’re looking to set, there is literally something for every occasion. Can you dim the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights? Surely not?

Of course you can! You have total control. Whether you are looking for a warm white light to relax, or a cool white light to focus and read your books, the choice is yours. This 2 m LED light strip can literally be placed in any room, anywhere within 1.5 m of a power supply. Can you imagine how many options that opens?


When describing how easy this product is to use, it is difficult to know where to start. Do we start with the nine scene modes and music mode? Yes, you can set nine different moods and have lights flickering in tune to your music – control the atmosphere and beat of your household. Better than any incandescent light bulb!

Nowadays we expect all products to be of a smart variety. Whether looking to use them with your smart phone or one of the many smart home products such as Alexa. Well, the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights can be controlled via Alexa and Google home via the Govee home app.

Use the app or simple voice commands and you have total control over the lighting in your room. For those who are perhaps on their way back from the office after a hard day at work, you can set your mood lighting before you even get home. Open your app, and the world is your oyster.

Many people wax lyrical about the various mood scenes from sunrise lighting, which gradually brightens as the day starts to sunset lighting, which works the other way. We know that the mind is very powerful and responds to changes in lighting and mood. This has to be seen to be believed!

Value for money

When you look at the cost of the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights compared to other LED light strips, it fares extremely well. When you look at the technology associated with Govee Smart LED Strip Lights compared to their counterparts, it does even better.

We live in a world where people expect the best products for the lowest price. While new technology and new services will cost you, quite how Govee have managed to offer the latest in LED light strips at this price is astounding.

Even the quickest of glimpses at the array of Amazon reviews for Govee Smart LED Strip Lights will show you exactly what we mean. This is an extremely well manufactured product, durable and flexible and great value for money. How do we know this?

Well, the number of people who have come back time and time again to acquire another set of Govee Smart LED Strip Lights speaks for itself.


Many of expect flexible lighting products to be sensitive and perhaps less durable than their incandescent bulb counterparts. The truth is that LED lights are a very different structure than incandescent lightbulbs. They are solid, they are durable, the bulbs will last tens of thousands of hours and they are extremely easy to control, both locally and remotely.

Whether using the button controller or the mobile phone app, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you are in total control. The Govee Smart LED Strip Lights have a phenomenal 16 million colours and offer 50,000 shades of warm to cool white LED lighting.

You will notice that the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights have a sticky back surface which allows you to place them anywhere near a power supply. From the kitchen to the bedroom, stairway to the living room, and many more places, the choice is yours. Voice control, the mobile app, energetic party mood or relaxing sleep lighting, the variation and possibilities are huge.

As we touched on above, these LED light strips are secured via a sticky back substance. These will hold the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights firm, whatever type of lighting you are looking for. We see many people using LED lights for kitchen down lighting, to increased visibility on the television or to create a relaxing ambience in the bedroom. There is just one problem – after a few days you will be wondering where you can put your next Govee Smart LED Light Strip.


Over the last couple of years we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of LED light strips/LED strip lights. The likes of Govee Smart LED Strip Lights have pushed this industry forward, into the eye line of millions of consumers, and demand is growing. Slowly but surely the old image of an LED light bulb, from 10 years ago or even five years ago, is being replaced by the modern day technology before us.

Huge improvements in energy efficiency and a slashing of heat output. This converts into significant cost savings but also reduces damage to the environment. We live in an era where governments around the world are outlawing inefficient old-style bulbs/lighting, in favour of LED lighting. Once you have used Govee Smart LED Strip Lights you won’t feel a need to go back to those lights of yesteryear.

LED lighting is the future………………

Product Specifications

Product Technical and Manufactuer info

Smart LED Strip Lights, Govee RGBWW 2 Metre App Control via WiFi Light Strip, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, RGB Warm White and Cool White, Wake-Up Lighting for Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen

Brand: Govee

Color: Rgbww


  • RGBWW LED Strip Lights: Features 3 kinds of LEDs, warm white, cool white and 16 million colours RGB beads, you are able to light single kind of LEDs individually or mix any kinds of them at will. Give you a chance to create wonderful coloured home or room lighting for whether illuminating or entertainment.
  • Unwind or Focus: Practical 50,000 shades of warm to cool white LED light meets needs for both ambiance creating and task lighting. Dimming it to warm white when relax your body after a busy day and turning it to cool white when indulge in books reading. 2M LED light strip, flexible to install anywhere.
  • Hassle-free Control with Alexa and Govee Home App: The colored led strip light works with Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to control it by simple voice command via wireless WiFi connection. (No hub needed, Do NOT support 5GHz Wi-Fi) Set group control, timer setting and more with Govee Home APP, offering you away-from-home lighting control.
  • Multi Scenes Optional: Comes with 9 Scenes mode and Music mode, it easily matches diverse occasions. Select Dating to spice up candlelight dinner with your beloved while Energetic for BBQ party outside with friends. Turn on music mode to enjoy beat-dancing lights in events like football game watching.
  • Wake up Strip Light: Simulating the sunrise and sunset light effect, it gradually changes light brightness and colours. Offer you a pleasant way to start every morning and driff off to dreamland in routines. No annoying alarm rings, a refreshed day instead.

Package Dimensions: 72x129x350