Eve LED Light Strip UK, Smart LED Light Strip, Full-Spectrum Colour


When you first look at the Eve LED Light Strip it looks fairly straightforward, what you see is what you get. However, once you delve a little deeper you will see that the Eve LED Light Strip offers a premium triple-diode light strip. This is something that you can use in any room in the home, is easy to install and, as we will cover later, controllable from your mobile phone.

It is safe to say that the Eve LED Light Strip is something you need to see in action to believe it. Simple yet effective, excellent value for money and very easy to install. As ever, the proof is in the pudding so now we will take a look at the feedback from customers and more details about the product.

Highly efficient Eve LED Light Strip

We all know about the highly efficient nature of LED lighting, 90% less heat and 80% less energy used – compared to incandescent lighting. This is especially important when it comes to Eve LED Light Strip. If ever you need to touch the light striping and make any adjustments, while the lights are on, you can do so in safety.

In years gone by, even the most efficient of incandescent type lights would still have created sufficient heat to make it uncomfortable to touch. So, we know that the Eve LED Light Strip is highly efficient with energy and heat creation. But there must be something else? Oh there is a lot more!

What do customers think of the Eve LED Light Strip?

While this product has a four-star rating, this would most likely have been nearer five stars but for the focus on the iPhone/iPad app, at the expense of android phones and some smart devices. Obviously this is something which Eve will address in due course but nevertheless, it is still a high-quality product and one which is much sought after. Oh yes, it is worth noting that it also works with Siri.

Historically Eve LED lighting has used Bluetooth as opposed to Wi-Fi, but the introduction of Wi-Fi into this product has been a game changer. Yes, you will need to hook the lighting up to your Wi-Fi network, but once that is done; this is where the fun really starts.


The length of the Eve LED Light Strip is 2 m although such is the flexibility of the product you could cut this at 30 cm intervals with no problems. There are also additional extension strips which you can purchase, to extend to a maximum of 10 m. There is a 1.5 m cable from the power source to the controller and a further 20 cm distance to the light strip. When you bear in mind the amount of plugs in the average home, this is not a problem.

Using the iPhone and iPad app, you can not only set a number of different colour settings but you can also program them to change through the day. Those who like to fall asleep watching the TV, simply set the Eve LED Light Strip to timer and they will switch off automatically. Many people also have a morning setting known as the “sunshine light” which helps to wake you up gradually.

So, how do you securely place the LED light strip in your chosen location? Simple, the Eve LED Light Strip has a sticky strip along the back. This allows you to securely place the Eve LED Light Strip on any wall, any piece of furniture, floor or ceiling in your house. Not as difficult as many people might assume!


When we tell you that the Eve LED Light Strip comes with 1800 lights you might be astounded! The bulbs are focused on white light at 1800 lm which gives you a range of different colours. It is also worth noting that these LED light strips are dimmable, not always the case with many competing products.

Due to the variation in colours available, many people prefer to wake up to warm colours, stay alert in the day with cooler colours and wind down at night time with blue lighting. This is the power of adaptive lighting!

Many of us underestimate the power of lighting, the atmosphere and the ambience it can create. Our minds respond to different lighting, different brightness to allow us to wake up, stay alert and then relax at the end of the day. The fact that the light strips can be placed anywhere, subtly or in sight, gives many more options to those looking to change the look and feel of their room.

Use the Eve LED Light Strip in different rooms

As we touched on above, the durability and the flexibility of this Eve LED Light Strip means that you can literally use this in any room or any part of your house. In the kitchen to the bedroom, stairs to the hallway, this is just the beginning. We know from customer feedback that those who buy one strip of Eve LED lighting will likely come back time and time again to acquire more.

It is the control and flexibility which attracts many consumers. This is before we even begin to look at the huge energy and cost savings. While many consumers still see LED light strips as something of a novelty, they are not, they are extremely useful. Whether looking to create under lighting in your kitchen, help lighten your flooring, a chilled atmosphere in the bedroom or a backdrop for your television, the options are endless.

Value for money

While we all appreciate value for money, there is a danger that we might see value for money (cheap in other words) before the quality of the product. We all know that you get what you pay for. It would be wrong to say that this Eve LED Light Strip is the cheapest on the market, it isn’t. However, when you bear in mind the thousands of hours each LED light will last, the quality of the lighting and the minute control available, this product offers exceptional value.

We always say that the proof is in the pudding. The fact customers who acquired their first Eve LED Light Strip came back time and time again, says everything. Some may be disappointed that Wi-Fi does not extend to android products or other smart devices, but these changes will come in time. You can still use the device controller to set your various light settings, timings and colour settings.

We suggest that you review all customer feedback for LED light striping – you will soon see the value of this Eve LED Light Strip range.

Colour warmth

Whatever your colour preference, whatever your colour temperature preference and chosen ambience, you can do it all with the Eve LED Light Strip. As you can see from the Amazon images, this image can produce anything from white light to relaxing coloured light. The bright white crisp lighting requirements for a kitchen light strip to the chilled atmosphere of the living room, to the relaxing ambience of the bedroom.

In the past, many have been critical of the colour range of LED lighting but these concerns have been resigned to the dustbin. The LED lighting available today offers a great range of colours. This product is dimmable and you can also set it to switch between numerous colour settings. However, there is one problem! It is impossible to cover all of the uses, benefits and programming power of the Eve LED Light Strip in one review.

Once you try it, you will know exactly what we mean…..


In years gone by light striping was seen as something of a novelty, perhaps something you would have in your children’s bedroom. Those days have long gone. This Eve LED Light Strip can be extended to 10 m, is controllable by an iPhone or iPad, responds to Siri commands and gives you a huge range of options. From crisp bright white colours to more mellow chilling and relaxing colour mixes.

It is also extremely easy to install, a simple sticky strip at the back is all that is needed. Flexibility, durability and exceptional value for money, need we say more?

Product Specifications

Product Technical and Manufactuer info

Eve LED Light Strip UK – Smart LED Light Strip, full-spectrum white and colour, 1800 lumens, no bridge necessary, Adaptive Lighting (Apple HomeKit)

Brand: Eve

Color: White


  • Premium triple-diode architecture: full-spectrum white and color with an ultra-bright 1800 lumens for whole-room ambience (900 lm per m at 4200K)
  • Turn your iPhone or iPad into a smart remote: easy lighting control via the app or Siri (color selection, switch on/off, dim/brighten)
  • Supports HomeKit Adaptive Lighting to automatically adjust the color temperature throughout the day
  • Easy setup & length customization: can be cut at 30 cm (11.8 in) intervals or extended up to 10 m (32.8 ft) thanks to optional 2 m (6.6 ft) extension strips – perfect for bringing cabinets, skirting boards, shelving, stairways, or any solid surface to life
  • Developed in Germany, with our highly professional, multilingual product support team based in Germany ready to assist

Package Dimensions: 94x165x460

Details: Activate the ultra-bright 1800 lumens of light on Eve Light Strip for whole-room ambience, or dim to a subtle glow of understated elegance. Choose from full-spectrum white and millions of colors that you control via Siri or the app – or let HomeKit Adaptive Lighting adjust the color temperature automatically throughout the day. Accentuate display cabinets, shelving, mirrors, skirting boards, wall reveals, and suspended ceilings – Eve Light Strip breathes new life into any space.

With Apple HomeKit technology, Eve Light Strip offers outstanding ease of use and advanced security, is quick & easy to set up, and doesn’t need a bridge. And the best thing about all Eve accessories is how they protect your privacy: Eve does not harvest your personal data and there is no Eve cloud, so your data won’t go missing or be made accessible to third parties.