Bozily LED 300W Plant Grow Light, Full Spectrum Grow Lights


Product Specifications

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Bozily LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum Grow Lights, 300W Plant Grow Light, No Noise, for Variety Indoor Plants Growing, 338 LEDs, 56x30x1.8cm

Brand: Bozily

Color: Sunshine


  • 🌱【SUNLIKE FULL SPECTRUM】This 300W sunlike grow light simulate sunshine, contains most wavelengths of sunshine from 380 nm to 800 nm. Especially red and blue wavelengths, 400 nm to 720 nm, help plants grow healthier and more vigorously evidently for all growing stages in the sunlight with abundant. IR light (720 nm to 800 nm) and UV light (380 nm to 400 nm) promote plant cell growth and germination, keep away from insects.
  • 🌱【LARGER AND MORE EFFICIENT】Dimensions 560*300*18mm, larger size than other traditional plant lamps, provide a larger illumination area; 338 LED chips and 90 Degree lighting angle profit a super spotlight effect, provide more efficient light to with your plants needed. 90° reflector cup LED with high par value: 565 μmol/m2·s at 12 inches.
  • 🌱【SAFETY AND SILENT】Different from other indoor plant grow light with noisy fan, Bozily grow light adopt aluminum heat back panel, with a heatsink for each chip to achieve excellent heat dissipation. No worry about excessive heating any more ! Ultra-thin and foldable outlook allows this grow light to be placed in a variety of shapes for different needed.
  • 🌱【ALL STAGE OF DIVERS PLANTS 】The offered full spectrum (380 nm-800nm) can be used for all stages of plants, seeding, growing, blooming and fruiting. Adjust the height between Bozily grow light and your plants to provide the light the plants needed. Can be used for divers plants, vegetables, bonsai, build a suitable growth environment for plants.
  • 🌱【BUY MORE SAVE MORE】Buy 2 save 4 pounds, buy 4 save 10 pounds!! Certified by CE / ROHS / PSE. Bozily promise 24 Hours / 7 Days customer support, 1 year authentic warranty and 30 days money back any dissatisfaction.

Package Dimensions: 72x381x1650