Bebbico Children's Multicolour Rechargeable Night Light


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Bebbico Children’s Night Light Children’s Multicolour Rechargeable Night Light Children’s Portable LED Night Light Baby Timer and 9 Colours Owl Night Light


Color: Multicoloured


  • BEBBICO 100% SAFE Silicone Do not worry if your baby or child bites, it is safe and does not harm the skin. Perfect bed companion, does not deform, can be compressed and recovers its shape. Made of white washable BPA-free silicone, it is soft and pleasant to the touch. The light is LED, does not generate heat and does not have flashes so it does not harm the eye of your little or small.
  • �REMOTE CONTROL, TOUCH AND MULTICOLOR� Your baby or children will enjoy shaking or hitting it and watching how it changes color, touch control or control by controller, the controller works up to 8 meters and allows you to adjust brightness (9 intensities), choose the color (9 colors), adjust off timer (15-30-60).
  • DURATION OF MORE THAN 12 HOURS Perfect anti-fear company to sleep only all night, equipped with rechargeable battery by microusb cable, included in the box (can be used any mobile charger, tablet usb port, usb pc…).
  • 🎁PERFECT GIFT AND COMPLETE WITH CONGRATULATION CARD🎁 included small greeting card (measures 9 cm x 10.5 cm) forget to run for one!! Gift for newborns or children in the house. As lighting on the bedside table or decoration for the room/bedroom. Ideal for new moms to use during breastfeeding at night or because not as ambient lighting! !
  • USE IT WHILE CHARGING You can use the lamp while charging thanks to the design of the charging connector, but remember, it is recommended when the charging LED is green to unplug it to maximize battery life.

Package Dimensions: 96x112x180

Details: PRODUCT INFORMATION Dimensions: 11.9 x 10.4 x 9.4 cm Weight: 190g Material: ABS and BPA free silicone Colour: 9 colours and 9 intensities Working Voltage/Current: DC5V/500mA Power supply: 0.5 W. Energy Label: A+ Charging time: 3 hours. Battery usage time: approx. 15 hours. Timer off: 15 – 30 – 60 min Operating Modes: Remote and Touch INSTRUCTIONS Charge the lamp for about 3 hours until the pilot located on the underside turns green, you can use it while charging or always leave it plugged in smoothly. Turn on the lamp with the button underneath, while the lamp is on both the touch mode and the controller will work, if the lamp goes more than 15 minutes off or without battery, you will need to turn it on with the button below. Once switched on, we have two modes: 1) Touch: – 1 touch: it will change to bright white – 2 touch: breathing mode is activate(changes color smoothly and slowly), – 3 touchs: activates party mode (changing colours to maximum intensity). – 4 touchs: colour selection (touch when it lights up the colour we want and it will be fixed). – 5 touch: It will turn off 2) Remote with various functions – Up and down brightness level – Power off and turn on – 9 colours to select directly – Timer: the light will be turned off at 15- 30- 60 min(but time selected, the lamp will not be turned off unless it runs out of battery) – Breathing mode: soft and slowly changing colors – Party mode: Colour change to maximum intensity