Aresat Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 2020 Upgraded 80 LEDs Full Spectrum 10 Dimming Levels


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Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 2020 Upgraded 80 LEDs Full Spectrum 10 Dimming Level 4 Heads Grow Lamp with Timer 360°Adjustable Gooseneck for Seedling Growing Blooming Fruiting


Color: Sliver


  • ❦❦【GROW LIGHT FOR INDOOR PLANTS】360 DEGREE ADJUSTABLE DESIGN GOOSE NECK—- Grow Light,Powered by USB or AC adapter, portable, 360-degree flexible clip, can adjust the distance between light and plants, expand the lighting area, for more More plants provide more efficient lighting. With a slip clip, you can place it anywhere in your home or office.
  • ❦❦【3 KIND OUTPUT OF DIMMING MODE】3 KIND OF DIMMING MODE AND BRIGHTNESS CONTROL—- Led Grow Lights For Indoor Plants,Natural sunlight required by plants, based on the type and output of light required for photosynthesis, we have created 3 color modes (red, blue and mixed) and 9 LED LED growth lamps with brightness settings ranging from 20% to 100% to accommodate different stages of plant growth and to meet the needs of plant growth at different stages.
  • ❦❦【VISIBLE QUALITY AND ADJUSTABLE】4 HEADS GROW LIGHT—- We designed this latest growth light and four goose necks not only solve the traditional hanging growth light setting and inflexibility, but also provide more than two or three arms Grow more light coverage. The coverage of a head is approximately 24-27 inches, depending on the height at which the head is aimed.
  • ❦❦【AUTO TURN ON/OFF & TIMING FUNCTION】AUTOMATIC ON/OFF & MEMORY TIMER—-Grow Lights For Plants, Intelligent timing function, this growth lamp with cycle memory time function can be set to 3/9/12 hours according to your needs, automatically turn on/off every day, no manual operation is required. And take good care of your plants while you work or vacation.
  • ❦❦【BEST OPTION FOR PLANTS】THE BEST GIFT FOR INDOOR PLANTS—- Grow Lights For Indoor Plants, ideal for planting indoor plant seedlings in hydroponic greenhouses at home or in the office. LED full-spectrum lights illuminate your plants and it helps to accelerate the growth of potted plants, flowering plants, leaves and succulents. This is a great choice for indoor garden lovers.

Package Dimensions: 78x348x940

Details: Why is there a presence of our plant growth lights?
For plants that have been affected by bad weather, cold seasons or geographically unfavorable conditions, the light of this plant growth
is undoubtedly a life-saving straw!
Growing light not only helps plants replenish the lack of natural light, but also protects them from being dried. Ideal for indoor potted plants,
inserted leaves, greenhouse vegetables, etc.
Power: 40W
LED quantity:52(R)+28(B)=80PCS
Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
Light wavelength: Red: 620-630nm / Blue: 460-470nm
Life time: 50000 hours
Product certification: FCC, CE, ROHS
Increase the accumulation of chlorophyll and promote the elongation of stems.
Helps to flower and prolong flowering.
Promotes chlorophyll synthesis, which is necessary for the growth of indoor plants.
Promote green leaf growth.
Promote indoor plant growth and development.
Solved the problem of small roots and yellow leaves.
Light clip It is made of high quality material and spring. This clip has a strong grip and will not loose for a long time.
1 X Growth lamp
1 X USB adapter
1 X User manual
1.The product is mainly suitable for small plants. Each light is suitable for 3-5 small plants.
2.There should be a distance of 11-20 inch between the plant and the light.
3.Please keep enough water for the plants when you use the grow light.
4.Do not spray water on the lamp! It is not waterproof!

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